Riverfront Park to promote Selma tourism

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - From construction to completion, the first phase of Selma's new park is officially open.

"Places to go in the evening...you can just take a stroll," says Selma resident Kimesha Alvarado.

The city unveiled its 1.4 mile walking trail--giving leaders and residents a chance to participate in a celebratory walk.  It's an event Alvarado believes is quickly bringing folks closer together.

"I think it's just going to bring more community members out to socialize with one another more."

The $4-million dollar park still has a ways to go.  An amphitheater, aquarium, splash area and playground are in the works.

"Getting my hand dirty in knowledge," says 11-year old Jasmine Clare.

Clare is already anxious for the other additions since city officials say the best is yet to come.

"I think it's going to be fun discovering what else they're going to do in the next few months or years."

Aside from the excitement the park brings for residents, leaders say it is strategically placed--there's one big thing that sets it apart from many other cities.

"So many cities would love to have a river, and we've been blessed and fortunate to have one," says Selma Mayor, George Evans.

Mayor Evans believes the river is one of Selma's greatest untapped assets. Others agree.

"The river is prosperous.  It always has been for Selma and I think if we continue in that way, we'll see some great things happen in this city," adds Alvarado.

"All this water...and the bridge...very scenic," says another resident.

Folks hope the park promotes tourism and of course fun--one phase at a time.

"Looking at the river makes you want to think of getting in," adds Clare.

The park was dedicated to the late Dr. Geraldine Allen--a Selma city council member who passed away last year.

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