New additions to tornado ravaged Children's Harbor

LAKE MARTIN, AL (WSFA) - If you drove by today, you would never guess a tornado struck Children's Harbor on Lake Martin in April.

Over the last four months, volunteers have rebuilt the camp for children with disabilities and the work goes on.

In a mere three months, a 5,000 square ft. activity center will stand in the tornado ravaged area of campus.

It's a $150,000 dollar project completely paid for by a single donation.

"This activity center is going to open their eyes, and their ears and their minds more than anything," says Karen Lunde fighting back tears.

Her daughter has Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and is legally blind. Children's Harbor is not just a camp for her.

"It's a vacation--a working vacation for us," adds Lunde.

It's why when Lunde heard the news the camp had not only rebounded from a massive tornado, but was building a new center for her daughter to learn and play, "it humbled me that they could do donations like this."

Wood and Donna Herren are responsible for that donation.

"We are doing such a tiny part and the staff is what puts legs and arms on this," says Donna.

When the tornado ripped through Elmore County, it knocked out many of the trees that provided much needed shade at Children's Harbor, but directors say the brand new building should help with that problem.

"It gives them the full effect of being outside with the luxury of having shade and having fans," says Tammy Jackson with Children's Harbor.

"My way to thank them is to bring my daughter here so she can learn," adds Lunde.

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