Troy University's new dining facility impressive

One word: impressive.

Troy University's new dining hall is a $12 million project, a source of pride for Sohail Agboatwala, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

"Students have expectations. They want to feel at home. Their parents want them to feel at home. This is a very good recruiting tool for us,"said Agboatwala.

The dining hall is said to be one of the largest student dining halls east of the Mississippi, two stories high and not just a couple but 7 diners inside and out.

"We'll have Moe's and a meat and three choice for students. Over here you can order pasta and shrimp," said Agboatwala.

There's more; 3 meeting rooms upstairs. When it's completed flags will surround the main floor, each representing a country that has a student attending Troy University.

University leaders say what sets this dining hall apart is the natural light filtering in from the ceiling along with two 500 pound fans swirling above.

The new Trojan Dining Hall will open at noon on September 24th just in time for Troy's first home game of the season.

Now more than ever recruiting for students has become even more competitive for universities and Troy is no exception. University leaders see the new dining hall as a tool to do just that.

A bond issue paid for the $12 million facility which is one part of the master plan for expanding and improving the facilities at Troy's main campus in Troy.