Judge issues temporary ban on implementing immigration law

Monday - August 29, 2011
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A federal judge says she wants more time to rule on the constitutionality of Alabama's tough new immigration law.  She temporarily stopped implementation of the law which had been scheduled to take effect on Thursday.
Tonight we'll talk with a Macon County woman who says her daughter is the target of incessant bullying from classmates in Tuskegee.  We'll find out what the school system can do to help.
Governor Bentley continues his efforts to help victims of the April 27th tornadoes recover.  We'll have an update on FEMA funding issues in those areas hardest hit by the deadly storms.
We've got a couple of stories about buildings at 10.  The beautiful and uniquely designed RSA Dexter Avenue building is partially occupied.  The 12-story structure encompasses the old State Judicial Building.  And, Troy University has invested $12-million in its new dining facility - which is actually seven restaurants in one...with many other student-friendly features.  We'll show you inside both buildings.
We're five days away from college football.  Tonight, we'll check in with the coaches at Troy, Auburn and Alabama for their "game week" preps.
And, Rich has no hurricane to talk about tonight - but he says there is some tropical activity that bears watching.
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