MPS address start of the year concerns

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you don't have children, you'd never know about the laundry list of problems that come with a new school year. From bus and class scheduling problems, to parents who enroll their children late, school systems around the state are dealing with all sorts of issues.

And a number of parents are complaining. The start of the school year means major headaches for Montgomery parent Leslie Stone.

"That first week was really rough for me and the girls," Stone said.

It's the first year all three of her daughters are in the public school system: at Carver and Lee High schools and Goodwyn Junior High.

"I pre-registered, got the uniforms early, did everything," Stone said.

Coming from a private Christian academy, Stone says the change is overwhelming, from crowded classrooms to not knowing how to navigate the system.

"I'm still trying to learn the MPS system," Stone said.

A system that superintendent Barbara Thompson says has 32,000 students with high mobility.

"You're going to have fluctuation, textbooks, that happens to us every single year," Thompson said.

Some issues she says are not preventable and cause a domino effect.

"We have families who don't register early and some that doesn't even come into after labor day," Thompson said.

The superintendent says this year there's been a shifting of teachers to accommodate the changes.

"We have some schools that are lower than they were expected, others that are higher and because of where we are, we have to move those teachers around in our district," Thompson said.

Some parents say the start of every school year can be hectic and with the all the new changes this school year, everyone is adjusting to the learning curve.

"Just kind of groom their kids and learn the procedure," Stone said.

"We are mandated to serve you when you show up at our door," Thompson said.

School officials are asking parents to be patient and bare with the district as the beginning of the school year kinks are worked out.

WSFA 12 news has received numerous complaints from parents about various issues. The superintendent is reminding them the proper protocol is to speak first with the school principal, then, if the issue can't be resolved, contact the central office.

Last year in Montgomery, more than 100 students showed up for class after Labor day.

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