Prattville ponders keeping its sales tax rate high for another year

Tuesday - August 30, 2011
Another hot one today.  Rich updates the forecast for tomorrow's highs at 10:15 tonight.
The city of Prattville wrestles with the idea of keeping its higher sales tax on the books for another fiscal year.
A number of Montgomerians turn out for a planning meeting to see if there's interest in a 250-acre wetlands park between the Alabama River and the King Hill neighborhood near downtown.
(I wish this email had sound right about now...)  The Sound of the South Marching Band from Troy University kicked off the football season with a fund-raiser at a Troy business tonight. We'll share a sample of the music.
One Montgomery private school now requires students to have iPads. We'll tell you how it works.

And, we'll introduce this week's Cash For Kindness recipient.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow.  Thanks for watching our news at 10!

Bob H.