Resident shocked by late night shooting

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Four people injured and three different crime scenes. It's not what Monroe Brinson expected to see in his community.

"I felt bad," he says.

He's the President of the Gibbs Village Residential Council, and acts as a liaison between residents there and Montgomery Housing Authority Officials.

But he also plays another role.

"We try to keep things like this from going on in this neighborhood. We want to try to help the people, not hurt them."

He was inside his apartment when he learned about the shooting. Montgomery police say four people were shot. Two were critically wounded including one victim who was shot in the head. The others suffered non life-threatening injuries.

"It hurts me and it hurts the family," adds Brinson.

He says it's been a while since a crime like this has happened there and believes there's only one way to keep it from happening again.

"We need to find out that unity is strength. If we could learn to work together and come together, this community can become a better community."

Montgomery Police are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting. They're asking neighbors in Gibbs Village to help them with any information by calling Crimestoppers at 215-STOP or the Secret Witness Hotline at 262-4000.

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