State employees probably won't like to hear this...

Wednesday - August 31, 2011
A new policy goes into effect that will not allow overtime pay to be counted in calculating state employees' retirement earnings.  We'll sort out the details coming up at 10.
Governor Bentley's office recovering from a public relations problem created over a soldier's request for a state flag.  First the governor's office turned him down - saying he should buy his own.  After the story got out, the governor called the policy of not providing flags "stupid."  But has who put that policy into place?  THAT'S the question we'll ask at 10.
A second person shot in a Montgomery housing community has died.  We'll tell you what we know about the victim and the search for who killed him and the first person fatally wounded last night.
And, the city of Montgomery is cracking down on dogs running free in town.  In tonight's Taking Back Our Neighborhoods segment, we'll tell you why not keeping your dog secured can be expensive.
Plus sports and Rich's update on the trouble maker from the tropics that's baffling forecasters as it meanders around in the southern Gulf of Mexico.
Hope you'll be watching.
See you on the set at 10pm.
Bob H.