Seigelman: I had no flag policy while gov.

Former Ala. Governor Don Seigelman
Former Ala. Governor Don Seigelman

Former Gov. Don Siegelman and a top aide to former Gov. Bob Riley are now disputing claims by Gov. Robert Bentley that he inherited a policy against giving state flags to Alabama troops overseas.

Siegelman tells The Associated Press that his office often gave flags to troops.

Former Riley aide Sandra Lucas said Wednesday their office gave flags to Alabama units departing for overseas. Lucas says the office also fulfilled some requests by Alabamians seeking flags for troops based overseas.

Bentley's staff released records that show Riley's office refused at least one and possibly two flag requests by Alabama troops stationed in a combat zone, plus three other requests.

Bentley says he's changing a policy that resulted in his office refusing a flag for an Alabama soldier in Afghanistan.

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