Editorial: State Flag

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - One would think when an Alabama soldier serving abroad in Afghanistan risking his life so we can all live peacefully in pursuit of liberty and happiness asks for a state flag– he would get it.

Well this soldier did receive a flag to display his state pride – ultimately – but not until the Governor stepped in and changed a state policy against sending flags to troops.  This soldier was initially told the "demand for flags is so great that the budget for the governor's office can only provide flags to survivors of an Alabama soldier who was killed defending this state and nation."

The current administration is not sure which previous administration initiated this ban on flags to troops and I would venture to guess whoever did it won't be raising their hands.

We applaud Governor Bentley for swiftly correcting his staff's initial response by doing the right thing and not letting what was policy in the past dictate what should be done in the present.  The mere thought of denying an American soldier a state flag upon request just boggles the mind.  From this day forward that will not be an issue in Alabama and we are better for it.

Men and women of the military thank you for all you do on behalf of this state and country, be safe, know you are appreciated and fly those flags high!

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