Some unsettled weather off the Alabama coast tonight

Thursday - September 1, 2011
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There's a lot going on down on the Alabama coast tonight.  Even before any well-defined system heads closer to the gulf coast states, the wind is up and so are the waves. We've got new video to show you.  And, Rich will fill us in on the possibility of more serious weather later in the weekend.
Clean up teams are out along the Mobile River after a fuel spill closed the ship channel.  We'll tell you just how much fuel escaped into the water.
Emotional pleas tonight from people who don't agree with the state's new, hard line immigration law.  Our crew talked with one man who has a lot to lose if the law goes into effect. We'll share his story at 10.

Economic news in brief: Montgomery city sales tax revenues are up.  Hyundai sales are up. The state is about to have a new Finance Director. 

And, Joran van der Sloot is formally charged with murder....but not in the Natalie Holloway case.

Hope you'll stay up and watch us at 10.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, too!

Bob H.