Pike Road doing well 9 months after agreement

PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - Cecilia Howell thought for sure Pike Road's monthly revenues would sink after its Christmas agreement with Montgomery. Howell is pleasantly surprised.

"I guess because of the way the way the agreement worked out between them," said Howell.

Mayor Gordon Stone says he's more 'pleasantly satisfied.'

"We knew it would be close to what we had coming in before," said Stone.

Right now Pike Road averages between $120,000 and $140,000 a month which is about the same monthly cash flow before the two cities reached their agreement.

The agreement signed last December says Pike Road and Montgomery will split the sales tax revenues from some of the large chain stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot on Chantilly Parkway and Lowe's once it's built.

What has helped Pike Road since then is the fact it is still growing.

"We picked up a CVS," said the mayor.

Couple that with the fact some 140 homes have been built since December and there's a chance this town of 6,000 could grow even more.

A vote whether to create a school district is on the ballot for October 11th, a vote whether residents want to increase their own property taxes to pay for the new school system. If residents say 'yes,' the new school will be K-8th.

Looking back Mayor Gordon Stone says he has no hard feelings toward Montgomery. He realizes it was a matter of two mayors looking out for the best interest of their constituents.

"I knew we both had to consider the people we represented," said Stone.

All's well that ends well with both cities making peace.

Montgomery has moved on and so has Pike Road, its future not so cloudy anymore.

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