Alabama EMA officials prepare for Tropical Storm Lee

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "People just need to be prepared for whatever the situation is," says Alabama Emergency Management Agency Director, Art Faulkner.

While he believes rain is the only thing in store for our state,"what I say right this could change tonight, tomorrow, so [residents] really need to pay attention to the professionals."

He says EMA officials monitor the storm hour by hour, ready to react at a moment's notice should there be any threat to Alabama.

Jeff Ray and Patricia Darnell are used to dodging storms.

"We came down here from Annapolis, Maryland.  We've gotten rained out with Hurricane Irene, power went out on Saturday, we left Monday evening, went down to Destin, and it rained there," says Darnell.

They're not getting away from it in Montgomery, either.

"We can need it up here, it's dry," adds Ray.

It's the main reason many folks aren't bothered by the possible downpour.

"My grass needs watering...saves me on my water bill," says Montgomery resident Nicole Reed.

Faulkner encourages folks to go the beach if they already had plans to. He doesn't believe there is any severe threat to the coast right now.

EMA officials recommend having a good supply of water, food, and personal medications on hand should an emergency arise.

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