Relative of Gibbs Village shooting victim speaks

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Police are still searching for suspects and witnesses of Tuesday night's shooting at Gibbs Village Apartments in Montgomery. Gibbs Village held a candlelight vigil for the two young men slain during that shooting and now the family of one of those murder victims is asking for the public's help.

14- year-old Lakea Brown says the deadly image at Gibbs village Tuesday night still hunts her.

"That was my first time seeing a body. I see Lil "Baby" and I started crying and I couldn't look at it no more," Brown said.

Police say gunman opened fire on her cousin 18-year-old Deswana Gregory, also known as Lil Baby killing him and 21-year-old Jaderico Langford, and wounding innocent bystanders after a bullet ricocheted off a building.

"I want to leave for real cause that was like my favorite, favorite cousin and losing him, I would rather lose this house. I want to get out of Gibbs Village," Brown said.

Brown says the family is grieving and trying to come to grips with this sudden act of violence.

"I'm still trying to pull myself together. I just hope we all stay strong."

Many residents hope the violence will stop and that someone will come forward with any information so that more lives will not be lost.

"Please come forward. I'm like begging, this my cousin and he's gone and I know it hurts his mama and then his little brother and he's like 7 and you'll took his life and then he got a baby and you'll took his life," Brown said.

Police are still searching for suspects and witnesses. This crime has even gotten attention of Mayor Todd Strange who is also pleading for the community's help in solving this crime.

"And you come to police and we get community policing in there and we give you some programs that work, overtime we can take back that neighborhood," Strange said.

Police are asking anyone with any information to please call the CrimeStoppers line at 334-215-stop. You can remain anonymous.