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CR 12: Bandit on the loose in Slapout

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"He's been coming here for years,"  said First Community Bank employee Audrey Britt.    "This is usually where he hangs out, right out here." said employee Kailey Garner from The Boys Store.   There's a bandit on the loose in the town of Slapout.   Folks see him everywhere.   But they're not looking to put this guy behind bars, he's actually a town favorite.    "He doesn't really do much he's kind of like our mascot," Garner said.

Bandit is an 11 year old dog.   He used to run down the road and follow his owner into town every morning when he was on the way to work.  Last year Tony Pugh retired, Bandit is still on the job.   "He still gets up every morning around 5 a.m. and comes to town," Pugh said.   And why not?  Sure it's about a mile away, but when he gets there, he's like the king of Slapout.  "They all feed him around here," said Pugh.  "One day I saw a woman walk into Subway.  She pet him on the way in and then gave him a foot long sandwich on the way out.  He didn't know what to do so he ran home with it.  Nobody ever gave me a free sandwich."

"He really likes hot dogs." said Garner from the Boys Store.   Bandit usually starts his day there.    "When we open he'll bark outside and then I'll give him his hot dog," Garner said.  Then its off to the bank.   "He comes here for dog biscuits everyday," Britt said.    

With all those treats you'd think ole Bandit would be quite a load.  But he's actually pretty skinny.  "You see he runs everywhere," said owner Tony Pugh.  "He don't walk, he runs."  On this day he got a ride home.  That's pretty rare, but Bandit made a mid afternoon appearance just for TV.  He's usually home before it gets too hot and then back out on the road later in the evening.   

A town Bandit, who also be a well fed, town favorite in the town of Slapout.

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