Lowndes County Battles Over Hyundai Supplier

Lowndes County had a reason to celebrate, a Hyundai supplier chose their town, but now the good fortune is turning into a big fight. Daehan Solutions announced 7 months ago it would build in the poor county, but a 10 million dollar bond issue needed to seal the deal is in serious trouble.

While construction crews work at the site of the new plant, there's a battle brewing in the courthouse. A judge has to decide whether the 10 million dollar bond issue is a valid proposal. It's suppose to help the county meet obligations made to the Hyundai supplier, but some folks who live there say it is a raw deal.

"Number one I don't think they're going to get what they think they're going to get," says Doyle Fuller who represents those who don't want the bond to pass. He argued in court that the incentives all favor Daehan but there are no guarantees for the county.

If the judge denies the bond it could make finding businesses to buy into the plant harder, but County Commissioner Charlie King says Daehan will open its doors no matter what's decided. "Unfortunately, we have a couple of people who want to take the boot straps away from this county," he said.

Both sides attorney's are talking and may reach an agreement, but if not, the next hearing is scheduled in a month. Meanwhile, County Commissioners say they're seeking alternative funding.

Reporter: Keysha Perry