Auburn University Officials Scolded: Tuberville Staying?

Gov. Riley Talks to WSFA Wednesday
Gov. Riley Talks to WSFA Wednesday

Tommy Tuberville is apparently in. And now Auburn has released a revised statement.

Auburn University President William F. Walker says in a just released revised statement , "I will meet with Coach Tuberville and David Housel next week to strategize on how we meet these goals, and to ensure Coach Tuberville's success in the 2004 season and beyond. If Coach Tuberville elects to do so, he will continue as Auburn's head football coach next year. I sincerely hope he chooses to remain at Auburn."

Walker also said in the statement that he was not pleased with the state of the football program. "I want to be clear, I expect Auburn to compete consistently for the SEC Championship and to be highly ranked nationally on a regular basis. We have not achieved these goals and that has been, and continues to be, my paramount concern."

Governor Bob Riley says he's disappointed over the coaching soap opera playing out at Auburn University. Governor Riley told WSFA's Eileen Jones,"I think it is an embarrassment over the way the whole process has been handled. I think everyone deserves at least a hearing that a job search is going on. It should never happen concurrently."

Governor Riley isn't the only one who feels Tuberville was wronged. Patrons at a Montgomery sports diner are shocked something like this could happen.

"This administration should resign right now," says Joe Sellers, an Auburn graduate.

"Auburn shouldn't be running around doing this kind of thing," says another man.

Governor Riley also released a statement Wednesday saying he was disappointed that as chairman of the Auburn University Board of Trustees he was not informed that a search process for a new head football coach had begun.

The governor released the following statement Wednesday:

"As chairman of the Auburn University Board of Trustees, I believe an apology is owed to the University of Louisville for the unofficial visit by Auburn University officials last Thursday. I am extremely disappointed to learn that Auburn President William Walker, Athletic Director David Housel and two trustees flew to Kentucky to discuss the Auburn head football coaching situation with Louisville Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino."

Auburn President William Walker, Athletic Director David Housel and two trustees flew to Louisville, Kentucky before last week's game with Alabama to interview former Auburn assistant coach Bobby Petrino.

In a news conference Wednesday Petrino told reporters meeting with Auburn officials was a mistake. He also apologized to Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville and Louisville officials. Petrino says discussing the possibility of a head coaching position was wrong considering the job is not actually available at this time. He made it clear today he will remain at the University of Louisville.

Because of all the shenanigans, Auburn fans were left to wonder about the future of their football team. The university had not fired current head coach Tommy Tuberville, but Tuesday officials admitted they met with a candidate to take over his position.

As for Tuberville, the Associated Press reported that Carnell Williams' mom weighed in on the controversy saying that the "Cadillac" would likely skip his senior year and go to the NFL if the school decided to dump Tuberville. Tuberville has not yet commented on Wednesday's activities.  He spent his day hunting.

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