Chef Tony's Smart Lidz - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and plastic lids are steadfast sealers in the kitchen.  But Chef Tony's Smart Lidz may replace all of these.

Our Smart Lidz come in a four pack:  one large, two medium, and one small.  I grab a few containers from my kitchen to put the transparent plastic saucers to the "Does it Work?" test.  The process to use the new sealers is simple:  place the Lidz over the center of the opening and push down for a firm seal.

First up, I attempt to seal a thin edge, square, plastic container filled with cashews.   After placing and pushing, the plastic has an indentation with a slight vacuum seal.  However, when I flip the container, the lid falls and so do the container's contents.

Moving on to the glass jar, I follow the same method to seal.   At first, it looks as if it's holding a seal.  But turning it upside down over the sink, it does not hold the seal and the water spills out.

So far it's not looking so good.  Moving on to more traditional containers in need of sealing, I press and seal a ceramic mug of water and I find my first success.  On a glass pint, I press and seal successfully, lifting with no leaks.  With a glass bowl filled with water, the seal holds even when tipped.  How about a metal pot full of water?  A firm press to seal and it holds its own weight with no leaks.  Even a metal can of corn proves problem free.  On all of these successful tests, I can hold the weight of them all by lifting only the edge of the Smart Lidz.

Removal is as easy as the squeeze of a finger, and the Lidz removes to unlock your goods.  It's clear to see, the Smart Lidz vacuum grip a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We found the four pack of Smart Lidz selling for less than $10.

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