Soap Magic: "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – The Soap Magic is an automatic pump designed for touch less delivery of soap to your hands, but "Does it Work?".  The battery operated soap dispenser is designed for several uses in your home, and batteries are included!

How does it work?  Well an infrared sensor tells the machine when to dispense the soap when you pass your hand in front of the unit.  It's not much different than what you'd see at a restaurant or at the airport.  This one does have some fancy options which include a light and a chime that work when in use.

In order to test the Soap Magic hands free soap dispenser, we gathered several different liquids including a thick and thin hand soap, two types of dish detergent, and a hand sanitizer.  The instructions suggest staying away from granulated soaps, foaming soap, overly thick soaps, and all lotions.

We begin with the hand sanitizer gel.  Using the port in the top, I fill the tank to just above the minimum level mark.  I have the option of switching from off to 'on' or 'chime', and I choose chime.  This includes a light and a chime noise when active.  It takes a few pumps to prime the unit, but in seconds the hand sanitizer begins to flow in adequate spurts.  It shuts off automatically.  But I find the shorter the break in-between uses, the greater the volume of gel that pumps out for the following use.  The unit stops pumping when you pull your hand away, but some drips are left below.

I wasn't able to empty the sanitizer completely to try a new soap, but adding a different soap only requires a few extra pumps to flush the old liquid.  Our dish soap was unusually thin, so it seems the thin liquid isn't working well as warned by the instructions.  More traditional dish soap with a higher viscosity works fine though.

As far as the two hand soaps, the soap magic delivers on its promise of dispensing a good amount of soap to hand without a touch.  Again, pulling away before the unit stops allows for some dripping.  Despite the potential for some waste, for our trials it looks like the Soap Magic cleans up to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Soap Magic, with four included AAA batteries cost us $20.

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