Gibbs Village residents band together to prevent crime

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - One week ago, residents in the Gibbs Village housing complex were reeling from a neighborhood shooting that left two people dead.

Montgomery Police arrested two suspects in connection with the crime--charging them with attempted murder and hindering prosecution.

Now, residents are doing everything they can to keep violence out.

With a little bit of prayer and a lot of unity, they hope a neighborhood meeting is the beginning of a safer housing community.

"You see something happen, you gotta tell," says one resident.

The Montgomery Housing Authority, Montgomery Police Department and other crime prevention officials stressed the importance of speaking up whenever residents see crime--especially shootings.

"It's worth it if we just save one life," says Montgomery Police Chief, Kevin Murphy.

"Now there's more guns," says resident, Gloria McWilliams.

She has lived in Gibbs for 20 years and says teens used to settle things with a fist fight, but things have changed.

"7-8 year olds are packing guns," she adds.

She's never been to a neighborhood safety meeting, but says the shooting was the last straw.

"What happened a week ago was a big impact on the community," she says.

Local leaders and residents alike say one community meeting won't do the job. That's why they're urging residents to continue attending meetings to keep crime out of the neighborhood.

"People are being fearful and they want to live without fear."

Montgomery police are currently waiting on autopsy results and believe more charges will be filed against the shooting suspects.

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