Gibbs Village residents raise concerns over MPD response times

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "Bullets shelling all over my rounds on my ground," says one Gibbs Village resident.

The recent community meeting following last week's shooting sent a strong message to Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy.

"We need some better response teams. Because when I'm calling and bullets are literally coming through the house and I'm laying on the ground trying to stay out of its way."

The woman says she called police after a different shooting, and claims it took them at least a half hour to get to the neighborhood.

"When you're going through something like that, those minutes can seem like hours," says Murphy.

Concerned, Chief Murphy called other officers together to look at average response times--including that one.

"It only took like 6 minutes," he says.

From June to September of this year, 86% of police responses were 10 minutes or less--a time Murphy believes is right on track.

If they weren't, there's a good chance the initial call was for something less threatening.

"The barking dogs and the parking violations can take a less precedent."

Murphy says police officers evaluate response times regularly, and work to keep them low.

Officers have increased their presence in Gibbs Village and hope to make more arrests in connection with the most recent shooting.

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