River Region remembers

It was at 7:46 a.m. CST that the time clock of life for many Americans stopped. And 10 years later at that same time in Prattville that residents, city officials and first responders came together to reflect on that moment that changed America forever.

"We shouldn't forget it. You know even though next year is the 11th and the next year is the 12th, we need to remember it every year because it is a sad event in our nation's history," Prattville resident Kim Kervin said.

Even the kids who were newborns or not even born yet, are still grateful to those who paid the ultimate price.

"I just want to thank everybody, every citizen that went through that and they risked their lives for us," Prattville Girl Scout Taylor Milton said.

The flag symbolizing America's resilience. And those who paid tribute say no matter how badly we were hit, we stood strong and united.

"A lot of people became more dedicated on that. You had a lot of people join law enforcement, become firefighters and also members of our Armed Forces," Prattville Police Chief Tim Huggins said.

And many of our servicemen and women at Maxwell Air Force base gathered to reflect and prepare for what is come as they pray for strength to continue to fight for the freedom and safety of the American people.