County Road 12 - Old Home Place

Everyone has special feelings about the place where they grew up. For one lady in Crenshaw County that means keeping her old home place exactly the way it was, with a few modern exceptions. Debbie Williams takes us on a visit, somewhere out along County Road 12.

"I was born here. My mother was born here. I think it was built in 1889 probably. I like to wonder back into the past I guess., maybe too much, but I find a lot of peace and joy doing that,"

< P>  There are two worlds under the roof of the log cabin Becky Welch calls home. "There's a lot of peace there hearing it rain and it brings back a sound, sometime or a smell or something will bring back memories from the past, well it does here." Those memories support the old home place of Becky Welch as much as the the timber that it's built from. She moved away as a teenager, had a family and started her own life but something was always pulling her back. "We tried to when we first got married to live in two places for some years after we married." says husband Bobby Welch, "I seen she liked itmuch better down here so it's gotten to be home down here for me too."

"I can go down the road and see a house and I don't even know who lives there and I can see it falling down and I'd say oh what memories that would have if somebody would have kept it up. It would have meant so much to somebody and this will eventually."  Nostalgia dominates each room. "This table, all the 12 children were raised on the table, they ate at the table. The table is old as the house. If it could talk what it would tell. No tellin' how many conversations went on around that table."  While half of the cabin has all the modern day conveniences, it's important to keep the other half as simple as it was a century ago. "That was grandmothers purse. This was mothers courting lamp. This room has a lot of memories too. I have heard they used to build caskets in here. That sounds kind of spookey don't it." This log cabin symbolizes a simpler time. A time of family, of hope and for Becky Welch most importantly it's home. "I feel blessed. I really do."

In Crenshaw County, Debbie Williams and photojournalist Lawrence McDonald, somewhere out along County Road 12.