Auburn's eagle said to be fine after hitting window

Auburn's eagle apparently wanted a pricier view.

The eagle Spirit flew into the glass window of a luxury box during his pre-kickoff flyaround before Saturday's game between Auburn and No. 16 Mississippi State.

Seemingly unharmed, the bird then flew over the stands behind an end zone as fans ducked. Spirit then landed near midfield like always.

Auburn fans tried to keep the traditional "War Eagle" chant going during the longer-than-usual flight.

Auburn says Spirit is the only bald eagle to make such a pre-game flight, which he did for the first time a decade ago.

Spirit was discovered in 1995 as an injured fledgling in Florida, according to Auburn's College of Veterinary Medicine. He came to Auburn in 1998 and joined the educational collection at the Raptor Center. Because the eagle has a damaged beak, he'll never be released back into the wild.

The school's mascot is the Tigers, but "War Eagle" has long been its battle cry.

Auburn won the game, 41-34.

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