Kids watch film about gays, lesbians and bullying

Monday - September 12, 2011
A human rights group produces a film about being gay.  Its audience is kids ages 6 to 12.  Now, a Montgomery watchdog group is coordinating the playing of the film about gays, lesbians and bullying.  The SPLC thinks it's the right thing to do for the youngsters.  But is it appropriate for all kids? 
Republican candidates for president answer the call of the Tea Party to debate the issues facing the country.  Eight of the leading GOP hopefuls showed up.  We'll sample the dialogue.
President Obama sends his jobs bill to Congress...and immediately Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions goes on the record in opposition to the legislation.
And, who are the Sovereign Citizens, what's their mission, and what's their connection to the state of Alabama?  The full story in a special report from WSFA 12 News Anchor, Sally Pitts.
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Bob H.