Editorial: School Uniforms

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I can honestly say I have never heard from my children's mouths "I don't know what I'm going to wear today!"  Why – because they have always been in a school uniform.  Montgomery Public Schools are now a year into their uniform mandate and school officials are pleased with the results.

There are many reasons why school uniforms make sense.  From a security standpoint you can now identify those that are students and those that are not allowing school officials to act swiftly to remove those that should not be there.  It creates a "team" mentality allowing everyone to be on the same level as far as image and dress is concerned.  Children should be judged by the depth of their character and not by the price tag of their jeans. School uniforms also project an image of professionalism providing for a more businesslike approach to learning.  We must not forget school is preparation for the real world where uniforms and professional attire are required.

We applaud those school systems that have recently made the change and those that have always supported removing the distractions associated with possessing the latest designer fashions.

Hopefully less distraction equals more addition and subtraction!

We appreciate your feedback.