Cash for Kindness: A Servants Heart

"A servant's heart"

That's how someone described our "Cash for Kindness" recipient.

We pass along 120 dollars to a single mother with five children who never let a sudden tragedy stop her from serving God, her family and others.

Carolyn Bell is a 5th grade teacher at Pine Level elementary school and she loves to teach.  But her story is one we can all learn from.  Ten years ago her husband passed away.  She was left with five children to feed.

Teresa Jeremy remembers that time well.  She was interning as a teacher when she met Ms. Bell.  She recalls her friends pain.@

"I saw her struggle with what she was going through there. But you would never have ever known it."

Bell works three jobs to make sure her family is taken care of and she doesn't stop there. According to Jeremy she is always willing to be the first to volunteer her time when she's needed.

"She's is still willing to give up her time and resources and never ask for anything in return." Said Jeremy.

In return for her dedication to family and friends comes a little something for Bell's kindness and hard work.

We met Ms. Bell in her classroom with a few minutes to spare before the final bell.   Jeremy told her why she was nominated for "Cash for Kindness."

"You have a servants heart and I love you.  I know your circumstances haven't been easy.  You're always willing to help others. "

Ms. Bell told us about her strength.

"It's been 10 years since my husband died and God has been so amazing. He's put people like Teresa in my life and so my others.  It's a testimony to how good God is."

Despite her circumstances Carolyn Bell never gave up.  It's a story of resilience.  A lesson worth learning.

If you would like to nominate someone for "Cash for Kindness" send an email to