Nittany Lions say Prattville school's logo a no-go

The Nittany Lions' logo (L); PCA Lions' logo (R)
The Nittany Lions' logo (L); PCA Lions' logo (R)

Prattville Christian Academy officials have been asked to quit using the school's logo because it looks like one used by Penn State University.

The small private school reportedly received a letter from a law firm representing Penn State a short time ago.

The firm demanded PCA quit using the logo because it was "confusingly similar" to the one used by the Nittany Lions.

PCA President Ron Mitchell said he was surprised by the request, but changing the logo is the best decision at this point.

Officials at the Alabama school say that when they first adopted the logo, they believed they were following trademark law by making noticeable changes to the Penn State logo.

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