900 new jobs possible for Montgomery if council votes

An empty field on Old Selma Highway in Montgomery County could someday be the home to 900 new jobs.

There is one hurdle, though.  The land must be re-zoned for industrial use before it can be considered for the development.

"It's a huge economic development opportunity for the region," says Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce President, Randy George.

George hopes the city council will vote to re-zone the property. But, that decision has some nearby residents concerned.

"Make sure it's not going to be coming in here making things that are going to be toxic.  Dumping things in the river," says Travis Faulkner.

Faulkner works and lives near the proposed site and says new jobs are a must, but not if they hurt mother nature.

"Make them put in things that keep it clean," he says.

The company hasn't picked a location yet, but when they do, chamber officials say the site needs to be ready.

"The idea is to never be eliminated and unless we get this zoning approved, unfortunately we would be eliminated," adds George.

He says he understands residents' concerns and wants to reassure them the company would be required to comply with environmental regulations.

Some residents also raised concerns about traffic in the area since the roads are narrow.

The city council is expected to vote on the re-zoning at the September 20th meeting.

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