Neckline Slimmer - "Does it Work?"

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) – Every second that passes, we get a little bit older.  Before you know it, the body starts to show it.  The Neckline Slimmer claims to help to take years off your appearance, but "Does it Work?

The Neckline Slimmer could have your neck looking years younger in just a few weeks.  It takes only two minutes a day.  Amy Furlong volunteers to help us with our test.

She explains, "I'm real self conscious about my chin or lack of chin, I guess, and it's always something that bothered me.  Any product that's out there, I'm curious to see if it's something that works."

Amy looks over the Neckline Slimmer and then reads the instructions.  The unit comes with three springs of increasing tension.  She places the lowest tension spring in and assembles the exercise machine.  The theory here is that as the exercises become easier in time, she is to graduate to the next higher tension spring to increase resistance.

She has to do two exercises daily; each involving three sets of ten repetitions.  The first calls for her to place the Neckline Slimmer against her chin and her chest.   She then moves her entire head toward her chest, holding for two seconds and then releasing.  For the second exercise, she pushes her chin toward her chest for two seconds, and releases.  With day one's exercise complete, she agrees that she'll be able to continue these daily exercises for the next month.

After a month, we check back with Amy to find her results.

"It was real easy to use," says Amy, "The springs, you know, you're supposed to change them out as they get easier to use and that went pretty rapidly."

However, despite the ease of use, Amy did run into some trouble.  She complains of a sore neck during exercise and she also had intermittent trouble with the use of the Slimmer.

"It jammed a little bit, and that was kind of frustrating because it would hurt when you would go down on it and the thing would kind of jam," says Amy.

Regardless of the trouble, did she feel or see any results.

Amy says, "I would feel like it was maybe doing a little good, and I would run to the bathroom and look but I never could tell any difference in looking at anything through here.  It never seemed to change anything in the way I look to me or the way my neck looks."

Our before and after comparison find no changes to Amy's neckline profile.  The results from Amy's test may not match the results you may have, but our test finds the Neckline Slimmer tightens up a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Neckline Slimmer ran us a whopping $20 at a local retailer.

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