Maryland student murdered over iPod music

A Bowie State University student is under arrest for the stabbing death of her roommate.

Police say Alexis Simpson, age 19, and her roommate Dominique Frazier, age 18, got into an argument Thursday night over music being played from an iPod speaker system.

The two women were getting ready for a school-sponsored comedy show, when a witness says she stopped the two from fighting by pushing Simpson into her bedroom and shutting the door.

However, the witness says Simpson came out of the room with what appeared to be a knife. According to court documents, detectives believe Simpson stabbed Frazier in the neck.

Frazier who later died at the hospital, would have celebrated her 19th birthday on Sunday.

Simpson was arrested and charged with first degree murder in Frazier's death.  She makes her first court appearance on Monday.

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