Cami Secret - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – The Cami Secret is a slip of fabric designed to replace the need to wear a camisole underneath your blouse.  We take our three-pack Cami Secret to Painted Pink boutique in Montgomery for our test.

Rebecca Simon, boutique manager at Painted Pink agrees to help us with our Cami Secret test.  The three pack comes with white, nude, and black Cami Secrets.  The material is a light, polyester-type fabric with lace trim.  It claims that one-size fits all with adjustable clips that wrap around bra straps.

Rebecca feels it's a great idea, but she's not convinced it will work in all circumstances.  So Rebecca first tries the white Cami Secret with a low cut green shirt.  Rebecca says it only took two seconds and it was "very easy" to apply.

The Cami Secret works with our first pairing; however, Rebecca has a concern on the one size fits all claim, cautioning those with a larger bust.

"They do have the three adjustable clips so you can go bigger or smaller, but it didn't seem like there was much stretch if you had to go bigger," explains Rebecca.

With two additional low cut shirts, she runs into no problems with this pseudo-camisole.  But a she puts a tan Cami Secret on with a thin white shirt, and we find a Cami Secret limitation.

Rebecca says, "The best way to describe it is it's like I have underwear lines on my chest.  So, you can see through it and see the outline of the Cami Secret."

Although the Cami Secret works for most shirt combinations on Rebecca, she feels a traditional camisole affords more options.

She continues, "It's going to be an issue if it's going to work on some of the tops you have, whether they're sheer or solid.  If the camisole is going to show through, that depends on the color of your top and the color of your Cami Secret."

There are several color options that we found online, but all colors have the lace band along the top which may not match your personal style preference.  She questions the durability of the Cami Secret as well.

"When taking it off, it pulls.  It's got threading coming out," she explains as threading pulls form the ends of the Cami Secret.

Rebecca feels it may work for some, but not all stating, "I wouldn't recommend spending $10 on a top you can wear three times.  I would recommend spending $30 on a camisole that you can wash and wear over and over again."

Since the Cami Secret covers up the chest as designed, it does work.  But, because of the limits on what you can wear it with, the lace only trim style, potential complications for those with larger busts, and its flimsy construction, it covers up to a SOMETIMES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We found our three pack of Cami Secrets at a price of $10 at a local shop.

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