Pricey fine if Opp officials find errant grass clippings

We know for certain a few in this town of 7,000 believe Opp leaders have a much bigger fish to fry than worrying about grass clippings in the streets.

Donnell Weatherford is not among them. Weatherford runs his own yard cutting service and applauds the city's move to deal with the problem.

"I just think it makes the neighborhood look nice," said Weatherford.

Don Childre is the City Planning Director of Opp.

"We had a couple of cases where our street sweeper would make his rounds and the very next day clippings would be in the streets after a fresh cut."

Childre insists this isn't about a town needing more revenues. In fact, it's about saving money and preventing problems down the road.

"Our intention is simply to warn people. The second offense is $325.00. When you have a lot of clippings in the road you run the risk clogging up drains and that would cost a lot of money to unclog the drains," said Childre.

So far no warnings have been given out.

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