Center Stage executives arrested

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - While investigating a reported rape of a Center Stage employee, Houston County deputies arrested Center Stage's CEO and Vice President of Operations on drug possession charges.

37-year-old Jeff Rubin is charged with possession of the controlled substance, Xanax.

29-year-old Mike Kneuer is charged with having marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff's deputies say they found those drugs at The Possum Holler Bed and Breakfast where the two men live in the Center Stage development.

Authorities say they also found a clear liquid, which they believe to be the drug GHB, often called a "date rape drug."

"It's a very dangerous drug. It's basically colorless and tasteless. A lot of times people will put it in a small container and just squirt a little in somebody's drink. A little while later, the victim will have no recollection and no control. They may know what's going on but they can't control themselves and can't control what's going on, they can't control anybody from performing something," said Sheriff Andy Hughes with the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office has not named any suspects in the rape investigation, which is on-going.

Investigators believe the victim was drugged, possibly with GHB, and then raped.