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Cash for Kindness: A Passion for Purses


Karen Carr spends a lot of time packing purses.  She fills them with items a woman will need to get a fresh start in life.  Karen is the coordinator of a program that helps incarcerated women released from prison get back on their feet.

La Trenda Nicholson is a volunteer for AIM or Aid to inmate mothers and she met Karen two years ago.

"She's offering them encouragement to keep them going even though they're incarcerated she gives them something to look forward too."

La Trenda says she was always impressed with the way Karen handled everyday life.  She takes care of her mother along with her own children.  She's also working on her master's degree.   But, it was her work with AIM that La Trenda admired the most.  So, she nominated Karen for "Cash for Kindness."

We met Karen at the AIM office in Montgomery.  she was honored by our visit and her nomination by La Trenda.

"It's always an honor for someone to choose you.  I do what I do because I love what I do."

But,  her story is more personal.  In the late 90's she found herself facing 20 years behind bars for accessory to a burglary. She served five years of that sentence.

"Having been incarcerated and knowing the struggles women face, it's just brought me to a point to bring this program together.  It's very personal for me."

Something so special she calls it her passion, to fill purses someone will carry into a new life.

If you would like to nominate someone for "Cash for Kindness" send me an email to  @






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