Millbrook man won't let mystery illness stop him from helping others

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - This is a story about a young man who is thinking about others, putting their care first instead of dwelling on his own personal cross.

"I don't want this to be about me," said Chad Bianchi.

Chad Bianchi is 27-years old and a graduate of the University of Alabama. A month after the tornados struck the state on April 27th, Bianchi came up with a simple idea; he had hundreds of rubber bracelets made up, stamped with the actual date of the storm on them and is now in the process of selling them at $5 a piece.

All this while trying to overcome an undiagnosed illness, a sickness that's affected his speech and balance. Although unknown for now, Bianchi's mysterious illness came without warning 4 years ago.

"What happened in Tuscaloosa hit close to home, and I knew I had to do something," said Bianchi.

Bianchi says he spent his money around $230.00 to have the bracelets made and wants to recoup that amount in the beginning. After that the proceeds from the sale of his bracelets will be given to the city of Tuscaloosa which in turn has promised to help the people still struggling from the storm, according to Bianchi.

"I just want to raise an awareness for the city and the kind of destruction the storm caused," he said.

Chad Bianchi is the first to admit he may not raise a lot of money but he's not trying to change the world, all he wants to do is change someone else's world in storm-damaged Tuscaloosa, make it a little brighter, the recovery a little smoother.

'So many people were thrown from their homes," Bianchi said.

The city of Tuscaloosa and those affected by the storm know suffering and they know loss. So does Chad Bianchi who simply wants to help in the face of a very personal challenge.

You can check out Bianchi's web site at

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