Gilley, Massey find sentencing date delay

A judge has delayed the sentencing of two of the people who pleaded guilty in Alabama's gambling corruption case.

U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson issued an order Monday postponing the sentencing of Country Crossing casino owner Ronnie Gilley from Nov. 15 to April 23. The judge issued an order earlier making the same move for Country Crossing lobbyist Jarrod Massey.

Prosecutors sought the delay to allow them to be sentenced after they testify in the retrial of seven defendants in the gambling corruption case. The retrial starts Jan. 9 in Montgomery.

Prosecutors have also asked the judge to delay the sentencing of another Country Crossing lobbyist, Jennifer Pouncy, for the same reason. She's currently scheduled for sentencing Jan. 12.

All three pleaded guilty to conspiring to offer bribes to legislators.

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