Merit raises included in new Montgomery Co. budget

The Montgomery County Commission gave approval Monday to a $ 95.2 million budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. The Commission say the budget incorporates near level funding for County programs and services, determined after review of options dealing with revenues and expenditures.

The new budget includes money for an approximately 3 percent merit increase for eligible employees. Employees have not had a pay raise in over three years.

For the 2011-2012 Budget Year, the Commission chose the option of not increasing the employees' retirement contribution levels by 2.25% of gross salary, in accordance with the Alabama State Legislature's Act 2011-676, for cities and counties.

Outside agencies funded by the County, including the Montgomery City-County Public Library, Alabama National Fair, Montgomery Humane Shelter, The Volunteer and Information Center and Child Protect also received level funding.

Appropriations                        2010-2011                               2011-2012 

General Government              $34,148,624                             $34,564,021

Public Safety                           32,882,325                               32,489,203

Highways and Roads              11,310,288                               11,507,030

Education                                3,062,577                                 2,532,230

Debt Service                            6,839,717                                 7,335,433

Culture and Recreation            4,056,445                                 4,211,019

Welfare                                    1,938,695                                 1,279,605

Health                                      1,279,605                                 1,307,089  

$95,545,760                             $95,226,529

GENERAL GOVERNMENT includes such line items as the County Commission, Judges, the District Attorney's Office, Probate Judge's Office, Revenue Commissioner's Office, Board of Registrars, Forestry Commission, Information Systems, Veteran's Service Office and others.

PUBLIC SAFETY includes the Sheriff's Office, Montgomery County Detention Facility, Youth Facility, Crimestoppers, Montgomery County Association of Volunteer Fire Departments and others.

HEALTH includes the Health Department, Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority, Family Sunshine Center, Sickle Cell Foundation, Mosquito Control, Chemical Addictions Program and others.

WELFARE includes Child Protect, Montgomery Area Council on Aging, BONDS program, The Volunteer and Information Center, Inc., Indigent Hospital program, Department of Human Resources, and others.

CULTURE AND RECREATION includes the City-County Library, Montgomery County Recreation Board, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Alabama Shakespeare Festival and others.

EDUCATION includes the Montgomery County School Board, Auburn Extension Service, Partners in Education and others.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Montgomery Co. Commission