Here's what we're working on tonight at 5&6:
Alabama has a new system to make sure you are who you say you are when your purchase or renew your car tags. Our Max Reiss tells why Governor Bentley says it will help eliminate fraud and illegal immigration in the state.
Another government shut may be on the horizon. Congress has until Friday to reach a compromise on a new spending plan. The hold up? Funding for FEMA. Congresswoman Martha Roby weights in on the issue.
Some students heading to school this morning took a detour to the hospital! Their school bus rolled over in Russell county. We'll tell you what authorities believe may have caused the crash.
And one state lawmaker introduces " Caylee's Law." We'll explain the proposed legislation and what it will mean for offenders.
I hope you'll join us tonight at 5 & 6 on WSFA 12 News!
Valorie Lawson