How to avoid a "smart attack"...

Monday - Sept. 26, 2011

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Did you know your cell phone may be susceptible to a "smart attack?" In a special investigative report, we'll tell you the best way to protect your personal information and avoid hackers who target smart phones.

Tuskegee University has millions of reasons to celebrate tonight.  The HBCU received the largest grant in school history.  Millions of the grant dollars will help public schools in the Black Belt.  We'll tell you how that will happen.

A tearful "mother and daughter reunion" is coming up tonight at 10.  The mom - just arriving home from her military assignment in Afghanistan - surprises her young daughter at school.

And, they threw a big party at Texas A & M tonight - celebrating the Aggies move to the S-E-C starting next July.  But what does that mean to the East/West Divisions of the SEC?  We'll sort it out tonight at 10.

Plus a look ahead to some REALLY fall-like low temperatures arriving with the weekend.

Hope you'll join Val, Rich, Derek and me!

See you on the set.

Bob H.