Beason apologizes; will keep powerful Senate position

Scott Beason (File Photo)
Scott Beason (File Photo)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Senator Scott Beason, the Gardendale lawmaker who testified during the federal government's gambling corruption trial and sponsored the illegal immigration law, held a news conference Tuesday in which he apologized for his remarks.

Senator Beason hadn't said much publicly since the corruption trial at which he testified against defendants and found himself embarrassed by comments he made while wearing a wire.

Some of the Republican senator's controversial comments on tape came to light. In particular, he referred to African-American voters in West Alabama as "Aborigines", a revelation that sparked outrage and calls for his resignation.

Despite those calls, The Birmingham News reports he will retain his rules chairmanship in the Alabama Senate.

The Alabama Democratic Party said after learning Beason would remain in one of the top leadership positions, that Republicans were "cowed by Scott Beason."

Democratic Party Chairman Judge Mark Kennedy called Beason selfish adding that "If the Republican caucus doesn't have the fortitude to take him to task over this, I can only wonder what else that wire recorded them saying."

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, also a Republican, said it was time to focus on the economy adding, "True leadership comes with the ability to admit mistakes, and I appreciate Scott's recognition that his remarks weren't appropriate."

Beason is currently serving his second term in the Alabama Senate and he represents part of Jefferson County.

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