Editorial: "Caylee's Law"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Those of us with children have all had moments of panic when we could not locate our kids only to find them a short time later at a friend's house.  What a relief that was.

It's was unimaginable watching the Casey Anthony trial where a mother waited 30 days before reporting her child missing or in this case dead – 30 days.

Bryan Taylor, State Senator from Prattville, AL, wants to prevent the same occurrence in Alabama from happening with proposed legislation dubbed "Caylee's Law." This bill was filed initially in July by State Representative Juandalynn Givan and would make it illegal for a parent or guardian to not report a child missing or worse yet – that a child  has died.

For a number of reasons this is one of those common sense let's get it into law as soon as possible recommendations.  For one - consider the time and resources that will be saved on law enforcement investigation as the number of cases chasing empty leads would be reduced.  Not to mention the emotional toll on family and friends hoping a child is alive when in fact they are gone and somebody knows it.

We would support taking this legislation a step further and opening it up to all violent crimes.  If you report false information or withhold information in connection with a violent crime it's no longer a misdemeanor but now a felony.

I was once told if you "mess up – fess up" - this proposed law which we support should increase the odds of this happening.

We appreciate your feedback.

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