Cash for Kindness: Good Customer Service

Tomi Wimbus works for Wal Mart.  His job is to take care of customers, mostly by making sure the shopping carts are returned to their rightful place.  But often, he goes beyond his daily duties and he does something many don't expect.

"He asked me if he could bag my groceries and take them to the car and I said yes. The first thing I said was I gotta give him a tip," said customer Crystal Vazquez.

But, Wal Mart doesn't allow its employees to accept tips.  No problem for Tomi.  He told Crystal  he was happy to help.

"I had my 1 year old nephew with me so it was really tough."

Crystal Vazquez works with the Montgomery sheriff's office.  She's seen her share of "bad men" but on that hot summer day she encountered someone she thought deserved some cash for an act she calls rare.

"You just don't see that much any more."

We caught up with Wimbus hard at work in the parking lot at the Wal Mart on Atlanta highway. He remembered Crystal but had no idea his kind act would be rewarded.

"The customers who come here go out of their way to make sure I have a job and at the same time they come to this store and help us serve the community as well," Wimbus told us.

I asked him how it makes him feel?  He told me great!

As we handed Wimbus the cash told us we made his day.  But, it's Wimbus we thank for  making the day of so many others.

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