Being a player in conference realignment

When it comes to athletic programs, hoping to be a player in conference expansion; look no farther than Troy University.

The Trojan's blueprint for growth is evident on almost every corner of it's growing campus.  From Veterans Memorial Stadium, to the new arena under construction; Troy University is enhancing its chances brick by brick.

Troy University Athletic Director Steve Dennis explains, "We are upgrading the coach's offices and dressing rooms, it's part of a plotted plan."

As the buildings go up, Troy University's reputation for having a competitive athletic program is spreading across the country.  Especially on game days, as the Trojans take on some of the most talented teams in the SEC.

While the program is moving full steam ahead, Dennis says conference realignment is the most unpredictable process around.

"Nobody knows what's going to happen."

Despite the lack of concrete realignment evidence, Dennis says joining a stellar conference is a goal for any competitive athletic program.

As for pay outs, Dennis says money is also a key factor in conference contention.  Paying for everything from facilities to scholarships; it puts colleges and universities in the right place to secure top recruits and sell-out crowds.