Oak Park Police Access to Reservations

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - A shooting that sent eight people to the hospital has prompted police access to park reservations.

"We're making sure the police know every single contact person for every reservation that we have," Steen said.

Montgomery Leisure Services and Facilities Manager Wiley Steen says the violence that erupted at the Trenholm Court reunion at these two pavilions prompted the change in Oak's Park reservation policy.

"They patrolled all along, but they didn't know specifically the contact person for each event and that would have helped the other day," Steen said.

They have not been on our list." Steen says he met with the police chief to access what measures can be implemented. Steen says now the police department and the community police division will have access to every reservation.

"The contact person, the e-mail, the phone number, so if anything during patrol should come up, they know who the contact person is," Steen said.

Steen says the parties who made the reservation went through the correct procedure. He says while this shooting may not have been prevented, there are security measures that should be reinforced.

"The whole park concentrated there which made it worse. If it's a big group, we will require security," Steen said.

A lot of residents come to oak park for leisure and exercise, but some say they will not let this incident discourage them from enjoying the park.

"But it doesn't change my perspective of Oak Park or anything like that. I think it was an isolated event that happened more so of a regular occurrence that happens out here all the time," Smith said.

Steen says the city will do all it can to reassure residents that oak park will remain a safe place.

Four men: Marvin Gaston, Thadeuss Jones, Otis Jones and Sandriquez Hall are charged with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the shootings.

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