Groups learn fate after judge issues immigration bill ruling

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Law enforcement, church leaders, and farmers now understand how the immigration law will affect them.

For some, it's good--like local priests who say the ruling allows them to still minister to and help illegal immigrants without fear of breaking the law.

But local law enforcement and Alabama farmers will pay a higher price.

"If we got a couple hundred of these folks over in that jail, we'll probably have to hire people, figure out what we're going to do about the language barrier," says Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall.

Marshall says even though money is tight, his office must provide for inmates.

"Ya gotta feed em, you gotta watch em, ya gotta give them medical care, you gotta give them dental care."

"The section that applied to farmers and any person who hires in the state of Alabama was not challenged," says Mac Higginbotham with the Farmers' Federation.

He says the ruling doesn't address farmer's concerns, and could bring the produce industry to a halt.

"I don't foresee farmers taking the risk that they have in the past...not having a guaranteed workforce that will come and pick the produce."

Despite Judge Sharon Blackburn's decision some folks say this isn't the end of the road for the immigration bill. Many believe the ruling will be appealed.

"Of all these plaintiff's in here, somebody's going to appeal to the 11th circuit. That's the next step," adds Marshall.

But until then, Sheriff Marshall says his duty is clear.

"The law is the law, you're there to enforce it if you like it or not."