Editorial: Park Policy

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A recent unfortunate incident at a Montgomery public park has prompted local officials and law enforcement to revise reservation policies at parks for group gatherings.  From this point forward all reservation information will be shared with the Montgomery Police Department.  Prior to this incident only noise ordinance requests and the information from the contact person requesting were shared with law enforcement.

The reservation system was not broken at our parks but like any prudent organization changes were made to make it even better in the future and we appreciate the swift and coordinated manner in which this took place.  It was great to see our city, business, law enforcement and religious leaders together in a unified front addressing what happened and coming up with a solution to make this community even safer.

We have approximately 100 parks in Montgomery and every month thousands of people safely enjoy the outdoors and the amenities offered at each.    This deliberate act by a few should not deter the majority to get outside and enjoy all our public parks have to offer.

We appreciate your feedback.