WSFA 12 News Exclusive: Oak Park Shooting Suspects' Mothers Speak

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A judge has agreed to a request from the District Attorney to revoke a bond from a previous felony murder charge for one and possibly two of the Oak Park shooting suspects. For the first time, the mothers of three of the suspects speak.

"This was a handful of thugs," Mayor Todd Strange said during a press conference on Tuesday, referring to the four suspects who were arrested in connection with the Oak Park shooting that happened Saturday.

"I'm very emotional. I'm hurt," Arita Jones said.

Jones is the mother of the Jones brothers, 23-year-old Thadeuss and 21-year old Otis.

"My boys didn't shoot, they got shot," Jones said.

Jennifer Gaston is the mother of 19-year-old Marvin Gaston.

"My son also was a victim. He got shot too," Gaston said.

Both are outraged that Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange would label people before they've had a chance in court.

"We will not let that group of thugs move us off course," Strange said.

"My boys are not thugs. They are my boys and I love my boys." "and he hasn't been proven guilty."

The Jones brothers, Gaston and 19-year-old Sandriquez Hall are behind bars facing conspiracy to commit murder charges relating to the Oak Park shooting that sent eight people to the hospital, including Otis Jones and Gaston.

"They going by a video that was on Facebook," Gaston said.

The mothers say it's an ongoing dispute between a group of northside and westside boys. Gaston and Hall were out on bond on a felony murder charge from 2009.

"So it's our hope and desire they do not get out this time. They need to stay locked up," Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy said.

Gaston's mother says she's already lost a child to gunfire in June and now has the face the fact that her son may be lost to the prison system.

"I'm still dealing with the loss of my 14 year old now and then to have this. It's too much," Gaston said.

Jones admits her sons have had run-ins with the law on drug convictions, but says they have not been found guilty in this case.

"You have to have all the evidence and I don't think they got it," Jones said.

Mayor Strange says he cannot give a definition for the term thug, but he knows it when he sees it. And says from his perspective if you've had previous run-ins with the law, you are a thug.

Police say this is still an active investigation and they are looking for remaining suspects.

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