Can tweeting lead to infidelity?

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Tonight at 10, we'll have the latest on how the state's new immigration law is impacting probate offices around Alabama.  We'll show you how the Montgomery County office worked literally around the clock to be compliant when the doors opened for business this morning.  We'll tell you what information and ID you'll need when trying to buy a driver's license or tag.

A program designed to help families in need is under fire from Montgomery City Councilman Tracy Larkin.  The plan, administered by the District Attorney's office tries to stem the tide of kids who skip school.  Larkin, who works for a similar program for the school system, thinks it's an expensive duplication of services.

And, we'll tell you how 140 uncensored characters can lead to hook up's and break up's.  It's a special report that explores the connection between Tweeting and cheating.  Hope you'll watch this provocative story.

Rich updates the cooler weather ahead - and Jeff checks sports scores and highlights.

See you on the set!

Bob H.