$50 Sparkling Gift Ideas

$50 Sparkling Gift Ideas

Sunglass Hut
Capezio, Code, Sungear Sunglasses

KB Toys
Leap Start Learning Table for $49.99


Boys Lined Denim Jacket for $44.50

Wet Pets and Pups
Assorted Dog Beds
5-gallon Mini-Bow Fish Aquarium Set-up
Fashion Pet Carrier (Shoulder Bag or Front-Pouch)
Finch or Parakeet Complete Set-up
Complete Hamster/Gerbil Set-up with Crittertrail
Gift Certificates

Furlongs Engraving
Pocket Watches
Desk Sets with Free Engraving

Biscuit Basket
Biscuit Sweat Shirts
Biscuit Polos from $32 to $47

Trade Secret
Helen of Troy Hot Rollers Set
Helen of Troy Ion Dryer
Wigo Ceramic Flat Iron (3 Versions)

Beads Etc.
Tiffany Heart Necklace(Sterling)
Sterling Silver Necklaces